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Factors on which your IELTS speaking score depends

Published by Admin 25 Nov 2022
Factors on which your IELTS speaking score depends

IELTS is a combination of four modules: Speaking, Writing, Listening, and Reading. Each module is equally important, but students often get scared of the speaking module. Sometimes it is because they are not proficient in speaking skills, but most of the time it is the lack of confidence. The fact that one has to answer questions in front of an official, dreads the candidates even more.

If you are also amongst those who get a little nervous thinking about the speaking module, this article is going to be a great help! We are revealing factors on which the IELTS speaking score depends and lending out solutions for them.

4 Factors on which IELTS speaking score depends


When we are talking about the IELTS speaking test, using correct words and better vocabulary is crucial. You need to know which is the better word and when to use it in everyday conversation. For example, I am very hungry is not a suitable word; you should rather say- I am famished!


It is not only about saying the words in the correct way; it is about making the examiner understand what you are saying. Work on the pronunciation and learn how you say them in a particular sentence. Wrong pronunciation creates a really bad impression.


Set the right speed while giving the IELTS speaking test. Understand that taking unnecessary pauses, A’s, and the’s is a big turn-off! In addition to that, speaking faster than the required speed is also a bad idea. Maintain the correct speed so that your answer is delivered and understood well.


The test is basically to test your English speaking skills. It means to get a good score; your tenses should be in place, and each word must make sense. Wrong grammar can cost you big as it clearly indicates your lack of command of the language.

Now that you know all the factors that affect your scores in the Speaking module. Let us find out ways to improve them.

· Try to conversate in English as much as you can in everyday life.

·  Be confident and enjoy your chat with the official. Understand that it is not a test of your knowledge. So, you don’t have to say perfect things, rather say things perfectly.

·  Get yourself enrolled in the best IELTS coaching institute where the trainers can help you improve your speaking skills and boost your confidence.

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