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Study in Europe

Study in Europe

Why Europe

European countries are an ideal if you desire a quality education as well as better living conditions.The United States, Australia and New Zealand are the most preferable countries for study abroad but today, Europe is also offering all the benefits which other developing countries are providing to its students. Europe has so much to offer to international students such as the world's very finest institutes for higher education in relatively low tuition fees and inexpensive accommodation and multiple food options. Many students choose Europe, particularly the United Kingdom, in order to pursue their Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD degrees in a wide variety of fields and programs for the following reasons:-

Quality Education

Europe has an excellent educational system because the teaching, as well as learning, is constantly monitored and improved by the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) which is created through the Bologna Process (The Bologna Process is a series of ministerial meetings and agreements between European countries). The ancient long-standing tradition of learning and education that exists in Europe has always been an essential part of European culture, not to mention, the very first high-learning institutions were established in ancient Greece. To quench your thirst for knowledge, Universities of Europe have excellent library houses with an extensive collection of books from standard books to first rare- editions and also best technology in art,modern facilities and best educators.

Higher Education Standards

The education standards in Europe are comparable via European Qualifications Framework. Lectures, classes, assessment through essays, exams and coursework are the most integral parts of European study programs. The aim of the education is to encourage creativity in each field,development of exceptional ideas and conduction of original research programs which can help to advance your subjects. One is expected to maintain their research papers and produce a thesis for evaluation.

Multiple education options

European Universities offer more than ten thousand different study programs in English to its international students. Bachelor's and master's courses, doctoral study programmes and many more programs are available in Europe’s world- class education system. Fully equipped large international research centers also help the students in their academic research Phd programs.

Low Tuition Fees

Believe it or not but tuition fee at many public universities in Europe is relatively very low than in countries such as the US, Canada or Australia. There are so many scholarship opportunities to grab if you want to get financial support during your studies.   

Career Opportunities

If you study in Europe, the career opportunities that come after you are immense. Because in this recent competitive world, international experiences have become more important. Most of the companies, be it small or larger firms, want their employees to have some international exposure by getting out of their comfort zone. Some of the Universities even try to convince their international students not to leave and to stay after they graduate.

Easy Transportation

Europe has a great transportation system because it is very easy to travel in here. The prices, whether you choose tram, metro or bus, will be the cheapest you can imagine. If you enjoy riding a bike, you can rent a bike almost in every city for the purpose of going to classes or to go grocery shopping or to go to church. For renting a bike there are many options, that is renting either by the hour or per year. Buying a bike also is an option and that way you will lead a healthier lifestyle.

Delicious Cuisine

The exquisite food that is available in Europe will blow your mind off, because Europe is home to some of the most amazing chefs in the world. From high standard overpriced Michelin starred restaurants to affordable cosy restaurants, you are well fed and served when it comes to food in Europe. And if you are looking for challenges and are daring enough, the wide range of dishes will allow you to try from snails to the renowned Shepherd's Pie.

Art and Culture

You will fall in love with Europe if you are interested in the arts. The artistic importance that Europe will amaze you. England’s loveliest medieval cities with huge gardens and riverbanks will welcome you if you choose to study in Cambridge for Law in Masters. The creativity and elegance of Paris will give you the chance to see where all the famous painters and artists lived and you will be amazed by the breathtaking beauty of the city if you stay in Paris for a year or two.

Clubbing and Fun

If you choose to go to Europe you will get your lifetime dose of clubbing and to enjoy your life that is filled with fun during your stay, because Europe has some of the world's largest and mesmerizing clubs. The music plays there will calm your mind, as do the wine and cocktails.

New Acquaintances

Being abroad will give you the opportunity to meet new peeps. If you elaborate your circle of friends, you can expand your mind and will have a better understanding of the world. These multiple friends will make your international experience a much better one.

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