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Study in United Kingdom

study in United Kingdom

Why the United Kingdom

With the Universities like Oxford, Cambridge and UCL (University College London), the United Kingdom has become a home to some of the finest centres of learning, making it a melting pot of culture as well as learning with a large influx of international students from all over the world. 

For budding professionals, academicians and international students, the UK have for long been a preferred destination. Heeding to a report on Migration Statistics, which had been published by UK’s Office for National Statistics, 21,165 Indian students were granted student visas for the UK in the year ending March 2019 and this was a 40% increase from the previous year. Just imagine the number is increasing in consecutive years and you could be one of them this year too. 

If you are considering studying further in a foreign University, this blog will provide you with the top reasons why Indian students continue to give preference to the UK. 

A vast number of fields to choose from

There are a vast number of courses that the UK will offer you because the Universities in the UK are famed for their undergraduate master as well as PhD courses and these Universities come with a long legacy of exemplary alumni and faculty who excels in their respective fields.The educational institutions in the UK offer more than 50,000 courses in more than 25 subjects across all streams of studies. 

Global recognition of degrees and quality education

The degrees that are earned in the Universities of the UK has International Recognition in countries like Canada and the USA as well. All the more, the top 5 spots on the ‘Times Higher Education Rankings' have consistently been taken by reputed Universities of Britain.The remarkable higher education that you will have in the UK has an international reputation which is recognized globally by international Universities, Top employers and Governmental bodies, creating a huge number of chances to get placed by leading companies.

During the time you are in the country, you will be able to develop your excellence in English language, which holds crucial importance in the global digital arena and increases your chances of employment. The quality of education you are going to get in the UK, without doubt, is something very much of high standards. The promotion of close student-teacher interaction is an aid in the UK that can improve your academic environment.

Lowest cost of tuition fees

The tuition fees in the UK, when compared to other countries like Australia and the USA, is relatively less. When the average tuition fee in the UK averages between $38,000, USA will cost you around $50,000 for the similar courses. Hence, the UK is a much more desirable destination when the cost of living and other necessities are taken into account.

Length of the courses

In the UK, the courses are shorter in length because compared to other countries the UK will take only some of your time for education but, without a doubt, will provide a quality education too. 

When in the USA, you might require to do 4-year undergraduate courses, but in the UK, it only requires 3 years (but not in Scotland). And similarly, if the USA and Australia offer a 2-year course in post-graduation, the UK only offers 1 year of course work. The shorter time, of course, is actually an advantage for the students who are looking to start their careers early and also help in bringing down overall cost for everything.


In the field of academics in the UK, you will have a large number of scholarships to choose from because the diverse education system of the UK offers innumerable fields for students to explore. You will be amazed to know the large number of scholarships that students can apply for when looking to join a University in the UK because the British Council along with 12 Universities in the UK has launched the 'Great scholarships 2020 program’, under which more than 12 Postgraduate scholarships are being offered with grants up to €10,000.

Part-time Jobs

To familiarize with the local culture and to supplement their finances, students are allowed to enroll themselves in institutes across the UK to work part-time to earn money. In a week, they are allowed to work up to 20 hours as per visa guidelines. Because there are plenty of options on the campus itself, finding a part-time job is relatively easy. Some of them are:

  • Teaching assistant
  • Working as a barista
  • Library monitor
  • Working at the university bookstore

Post-study Work Visa (2 years)

Once the students complete their studies, they have the opportunity to work or look for work in the UK itself for 2 years. Those students who are able to secure jobs paying around €20,000 have further opportunity of indefinite stay permits after living in the UK for 5 years. 

Support system

The warm welcome of international students is something that the UK government does every year. The UK welcomes highly talented students with open arms from India. To make you feel more welcome, there are international student societies, parties, more interesting events, other enjoyment activities and outings. These activities will help you to receive pieces of advice on personal problems as well as assist you to fit in a foriegn culture.

Cultural diversity

The UK has a unique culture. This diversity in culture will provide you with a chance to experience a multicultural environment and to meet international students hence to develop a good range of desirable skills that are necessary to be a part of the global workplace.


National health care system prevails in the UK that helps to reduce healthcare costs. Hence, the UK being one of the countries to have institutionalized national health care system ensures the international students a Tier-4 general visa which means those who have spent more than 6 months living in the country are entitled to NHS (National Health Services).

A cheap Transport system

If you are wondering whether the UK can get any better than this, yes it can, because of its cheapest transportation system. Road, rail, air and water transportation are easily available across Europe. Back then, Europe was one of the world’s first railways and motorways and today, it has the world's busiest ports and airports. Therefore, without having a financial burden you can roam around the country using cheap flights, trains and bus connections.

Great currency conversion

Once you start earning, small saving in the UK will result in huge money received in India. Because one Euro in the UK equals 85.24 rupees in India.

Without IELTS Options 

In present days many Universities are allowing admissions without the IELTS score (although it is recommended for a better education experience). Admissions of Students with a score of 60% or above in 10th and 12th class in English are allowed by some universities after the telephonic or personal interview.

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