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Things to keep in Mind before coming to Canada as an International Student

Published by Admin 2 Dec 2022
Things to keep in Mind before coming to Canada as an International Student

Understanding the Tax System in Canada:

Before coming to Canada on a study visa, a student must be aware of the taxation system of Canada and be well aware of the related terminology which he is going to strike almost every day while making monetary transactions or dealings. Another thing that he should be aware of is the timing of taxation, because after the due date he may have to face penalties. 

Apart from that, he must be aware of the payroll tax deductions and related terms CPP and EI known as Canada Pension Plan and Employment Insurance respectively. The majority of students who are unaware of the taxation rules, after putting extra effort into work get unnecessary deductions in their income just because of improper knowledge about the taxation system. So it is the most considerable factor to look for before coming to Canada on a study visa.

Information about Public Transportation:

Canada is quite large in area. All cities are duly connected by airports, trains, etc and the major towns have public transportation systems with various modes of traveling such as buses, trains, subways, light-rail trains, streetcars, etc. 

When a student comes to Canada he must conduct his traveling using public transport which will not only keep him informed about the surroundings as well as benefit him in terms of financial savings. Getting informed about transportation apps supporting the mapping and scheduling of cabs etc can also prove to be influential in Canada. 

As public transportation is much cheaper and time-saving. So getting aware of public transportation before coming to Canada could be beneficial in multiple ways. 

Managing and Understanding Personal Finances:

Personal Financing or Self-Budgeting is the key habit that can work wonders in anyone’s life, it can also be termed as a skill for self-assessment. Budgeting the finances, by understanding the differences between needs and wants, being conscious about the necessary expenditures, and not letting the self be involved in habits based on a spendthrift attitude, can save the energy and resources of a student. 

Personal financing would save him from being careless about the priorities on the financial surface which accommodates well one’s life in various statures. So one should be careful and concerned about developing a habit of budgeting and managing personal finances.

Developing Better Communication Skills:

Better and effortless communication skills are a very important factor for existence anywhere in life. So the applicants who are intending to come to Canada on a study visa must hone their skills in communication. As if we talk about different environments like the job sector, educational sectors, and others like in social or community-based gatherings all require an effortless communicational approach for connection and networking.  

Apart from this Communication is listed as the three most required skills in a recent survey by Canadian employers. Hence, mastering the skill will help connect the applicant with people in multiple ways like college, jobs, interviews, clubs, social and personal gatherings, etc. 

Developing the network: 

Networking is a communication or interaction through which we connect with people and share our thoughts, information, emotions, etc. 

Networking not only develops better communication skills but also helps in career, and social circle and helps in learning ability in various structures of life. 

So a student who is willing to come to Canada on a study visa must work on his networking skills which not only help him in job and academic sectors but also in engagement with social and cultural groups. Which will transform his personality by inculcating confidence as well as the habit of receptivity, better options, and a support system, the art of relationship maintenance in Canada, which would keep his attitude positive, etc. 

Honed in Household Skills:

In Canada, if one is honed in household multi-tasking skills then he should be considered an achiever. Yes, here in Canada where half of the time when the weather creates complexity in life, if one is handy in fixing multiple things at home like switch changing, knowing who to play screwdrivers, tire changing, cleaning, cooking, dishing, little plumbing and carpeting skills, etc, then he can save ample of time and energy which can be utilized in academic excellence or developing new creative skills in life. 

These handy skills not only generate intuitional confidence concerning different layers of life but also proved to be pocket savvy at times contributing to the financial structure of life in a minute but definitely in a significant sense. 

Maintaining a positive attitude and developing a habit of volunteering my free time:

Utilizing free time in educating yourself through volunteering in different activities would help an individual gain confidence and transform the personality with strength and capability to crack new opportunities in times of adversity. So maintaining a habit of developing skills and learning new abilities through using free time can prove to be fruitful in multiple ways here in Canada for those newcomers who wish to come as student-visa. 

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