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Study in Singhapore

Study in Singapore

Why Singapore

There are a lot of desirable features in Singapore that you will fall in love with and this blog will give you an insight into the same. Singapore although is a small country, it is wealthy, clean, safe and has a high standard of living. Because of its political as well as social stability, Singapore has been called the Switzerland of Asia.

By past decades, Singapore has become a top destination around the world among the students. You won’t even believe that for such a small country, Singapore is a leading global destination for business, innovation and education.

Singapore has recently ranked number 15 among the best cities in the world to study, because of its high-quality academics in Universities and excellent student living conditions.

Quality of Education

The high-quality education of Singapore has made it one of the world’s top-ranked countries for educational purposes because it has proven to be one of the best in the world. The top-notch standards that the country applies to the private educational institutions which operate within the country to increase its quality of education. In Singapore, EduTrust certification scheme ensures the quality of the education provided in Singapore as well as the protection and support for students.

Learning Options

There is a wide range of learning options and programs in Singapore that you can complete a bachelor in three years and masters in two years and can also combine these levels that can reduce training time as well as tuition fees and can help you to begin your job faster. Instead of taking a minor, you can take a second major too. There are some options for a double degree too. Most interesting thing is that you even have the freedom to take a semester at another University on an exchange.

Bilingual Population

The national language of Singapore is Malay but its 75% of the population speaks English. In addition to English language, Mandarin, Malay and Tamil are also government recognised official languages. This bilingualism provides excellent opportunity to International students to give them a special chance to learn additional competitive languages to receive higher education. The courses in Singaporean Universities match the quality education standards which are recognized by many countries and Universities.

Less Expensive

The study in Singapore is affordable compared to other countries. The problem of money is one of the main reasons why many aspiring students remain deprived of acquiring high-quality academics from top Universities. The academic expenditure in Singapore is way cheaper than the cost of studying in other destinations such as the UK, US, and Canada.

International Universities

There are many foreign Universities and institutes that have campuses in Singapore like, Temple University Singapore, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Cardiff University, James Cook University of Singapore, The University of Adelaide, Queen Margaret University and many others. All these institutions provide and offer world-class education in association with other international institutions.

Wide Range of Study Programs

There are extensive study programs in Singapore which would offer you a wide range of fields such as MBA, IT, Engineering, Science, Medicine, Architecture, Tourism & Hotel Management, Creative Arts, Design courses and more other courses. The medium of teaching or instruction is in English.

Easy to do Business

Singapore is one of the easiest places in the world to do business. Most of the multinational companies choose Singapore to open their regional headquarters. Thus, Singapore has become the ideal place to study business. More than 400 Swiss companies are established in Singapore employing over 26,000 people.

Hub of Innovation

Singapore can literally be called as an innovation leader. If you think that Singapore is a small country, it is not so small when it comes to Innovation. Over the past decades, it has been recognized several times as a world leader in Innovation. During recent time, in INSEAD's Global Innovation Index, it was ranked number 8th and number-1 in the Input Sub-Index as well as number-1 in IMD's World Competitiveness Rankings.

Culture and Entertainment

Singapore is a centre for cultural as well as entertainment. It has become the melting pot of culture with its really diverse population and diverse religious traditions. Thus Singapore can be called as a city which is the epitome of multiculturalism.

With the beauty of multiculturalism, Singapore is the most religiously diverse country in the world. Singapore is an ideal location to get a taste of diverse Asian cultures and have a variety of adventures because besides having a traditional culture, the multicultural art in Singapore is thriving with its many exhibitions, concerts and festivals.

Paradise of food

Singapore can be considered as a foodies' paradise. With the Hawker culture (food courts), Singapore is quite famous where modern chefs provide world-class cuisine at fast-food prices. Singapore is, therefore, an ideal place to devour and experience the latest trends in Asian and Indian culinary arts with food from around the world.  

Shopping Hub

Singapore is a dreamland for the shopaholics. There are hundreds of shopping centres in Singapore, making it one of the most vibrant shopping hubs in Asia. Even the tourists visit Singapore not only to see sights but also to get the most fashionable items. Therefore, one can call Singapore undoubtedly a fashion paradise.

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