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Study in Australia


Why should you choose Australia ?

Australia may be the smallest continent on Earth, but there are a lot of adventures and amazing wonders in Australia that you cannot resist. Read this blog and find why Australia should be your destination for study and as well for staying back.

The advantages if you study in Australia

Ever wondered why international students pick Australia as their preferred study abroad study destination? Instead of wondering what Australia has, you should understand that there is almost nothing that Australia does not have. The education, some of the best universities offer there, is affordable compared to its competitors the USA and UK. Hence the number of students each year in Australia are growing huge. In the 2019 U21 Ranking of National Higher Education Systems, the Australian education system has been ranked 8th, which is higher than Germany, France, Norway and Japan.

Cauldron of Different Cultures

Australia is third behind the United States and the United Kingdom in the past several years in regards to the number of international students. At least 700,000 foreign students attend the universities in Australia. So there are high chances that you might meet people from your own country in Australia very easily. International students have always been welcomed in Australia by major Universities by providing programs and services which will help the students conveniently to make the most of their educational experience. Thus with study abroad programs, Australia is becoming increasingly more popular around the world.

International Recognition in Academics

In Australia, you will find high-quality academic programs in scientific fields, like Chemistry, Biology, Zoology, Wildlife, Mathematics, nursing, and health care etc. Technology and engineering are found in a great number of Australia’s major Universities. Australia has more than hundred institutions offering over 22,000 courses.

The well-defined learning system of the country ensures the desired outcome from the academic programs. Most of the courses undertaken by the students are covered by the Australian Government known as Australian Qualification Framework ( AFQ). Thus, despite being a small nation, Australia is better known as being home to some of the best research institutions on the whole worldwide. The study program in Australia is a valuable addition to every student's professional resume because the educational degrees obtained here are recognized all over the world.

A Range of Different Subjects

Universities in Australia offer a wide choice of subjects for you to choose from. There are more than 40 Universities in Australia and each one of them offers vast and varied opportunities to study a range of different subjects. Just as any course of study in any American University, there are Universities in Australia like the Australian National University which offers a staggering 750 possible courses combinations. Therefore, you will be able to broaden your knowledge not only related to your major but also many such courses which you won’t find in your local institutions.

Scholarship and Research Opportunities

Many students are forced to crash their dreams of studying abroad when it comes to their financial background. Their hope for international education can be retained. There are a lot of scholarship opportunities waiting for international students in Australia. These scholarships would cover the undergraduate and postgraduate studies as well as vocational training. The Australian government has set aside over $200 million dollars especially for the international students who aspire to study at Australian universities. These scholarships are based on many criteria such as financial need and grading requirements.

Part-time Work while you study

On a student visa every international student can work part-time to support their education in Australia. They would be able to work in jobs which only require basic skills such as in the food and beverage services, petrol pumps, or in their own University campus. With the help of the minimum wage in Australia which is currently $18.93 per hour to $23.66 for casual workers, International Students can meet their expenses and rent, groceries, utilities, and maybe also their some amount of tuition fee.

Remember that there is dignity in every labour and no jobs should be considered demeaning. That is why, these part-time jobs are something that can really help you in covering the expenses regarding the cost of education and living expenses; although the cost of living in Australia is considerably less when compared to countries like the UK and USA.

Australian Accent

You don’t have to worry about the language of Australia, even though studying in a country where the English Language is not the primary language might cause many challenges for the international students when they go for simple tasks like asking for directions or when you go shopping. But within no time, every student will be able to keep up with the lazy Australian accent.

Great Weather

The weather in most parts of Australia is pleasant. This great weather Australia enjoys is an added bonus for students. But, indeed, there are places in Australia which do have a colder climate, but most of the places in Australia have a moderately warm climate. Australia has breathtaking landscapes with golden beaches and gorgeous rainforests. The beaches in Australia, especially,  are a great attractive element for tourists. Most of the top universities are in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney which have a temperature that is usually above 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep in mind that the Southern Hemisphere of Australian climate has seasons reversed and Christmas is warm and sunny.

Plenty of Adventures

There are uncountable outdoor activities for those students who enjoy it to make your stay more memorable and refreshing. Thus you can get away from civilization any time you wish with these lots and lots of activities waiting for you to unravel. You will get to do a lot of trekking in the amazing landscape of beautiful rainforests. The mind-blowing scuba diving, snorkeling and even swimming with the fish in your dream place of the Great Barrier Reef. The Kangaroo Island will blow your mind with its adventure spots. All these sports will give you the adrenaline rush you crave from an adventurous life.

If you are not a person for outdoor activities, and you only thrive for indoor ones like art, you have a surprise waiting eagerly in Australia. Because Australia is home for world-class museums and art centres and you will be amazed to know that the Sydney Opera House hits over 40 shows per week.

Spots to Visit Nearby

Any place you are planning to stay in Australia itself would be breathtaking. There are also many other opportunities to travel within the country which are equally beautiful where the students can go for shorter breaks. You can plan your trip for spring (or fall) break or even during weekends to many tropical islands of the South Pacific or the gorgeous New Zealand which is just a short flight away.

The Great Currency Conversions 

Once you start earning, the small savings in Australia will result in huge money received in India. One AUD (Australian Dollar) equals to  52.24 Rupee in Indian currency. Thus, if you save more it will be beneficial for the future.

Further Study in Australia

After graduating from a course in Australia, you can always complete your higher education in Australia itself. By doing so you will be able to expand your skills and knowledge which will improve your opportunities for job. You will have more time in Australia to explore the land and the diverse culture. You will be able to expand your acquaintances and will get new experiences altogether. 

By having the AQF (Australian Qualifications Framework) you will get an easy passage to gain a high-level qualification and also for job opportunities. Another beneficial factor if you study further in Australia is that you will be able to get more time to be eligible for post-study work opportunities, by meeting the Australian Study Requirement which would require two or more academic years. The students who meet the Australian Study Requirement will gain additional points and a higher chance for qualifying for permanent residency under Australia’s Skill select visa points system.

After reading all these points we can say that Australia, the land of Kangaroos, is a very desirable destination for students who want to get a good quality education as well as live a life which is balanced with adventures, multiculturalism and art. 

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