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700 Indian Students Receive Deportation Letters From Canada
15 Mar 2023
700 Indian Students Receive Deportation Letters From Canada

About 700 Indian students have received deportation notifications from the Canadian Border Security Agency (CBSA), whose admission offer letters to educational institutions were discovered to be false.

The Canadian Border Security Agency sent letters ordering the deportation of 700 Indian students whose offer letters to colleges were discovered to be false (CBSA).

According to reports, deportation notices were sent to 700 students who filed for study visas through Brijesh Mishra's Education Migration Services, a Jalandhar-based organization. Mishra has been accused of billing the students 16-20 lacs for all expenditures including an admission fee to Humber College and omitting the flight tickets and security deposits.

According to a student, they were informed that all the places were taken and that they would have to wait six months until the next semester after arriving in the nation. The students allegedly got their costs reimbursed, signed up for the subsequent semester, finished school, got jobs, and filed for permanent residency.

The CBSA examined the documents and discovered that the offer letter used to award the students' visas was a forgery. All of the pupils were then sent deportation warnings.

The Canadian visa and airport authorities provided visas and permitted entry after confirming the legitimacy of all papers, but the CBSA refused to accept their failure.

The only alternative available to the students is to contest the deportation notices in court, where the process might take three to four years. It is well known that engaging Canadian attorneys may be pricey.

The agent's office in Jalandhar was consistently shut despite repeated requests from the parents of Students who had been defrauded.


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Indians will receive 1 million visas from the US this year
14 Mar 2023
Indians will receive 1 million visas from the US this year

The Embassy is increasing employees, extending drop-box facilities, and offering weekend interview times to meet the goal. More than two lakh applications have already been handled by the US Embassy this year.

The US embassy started scheduling special Saturday interview times in January to expedite the visa application process for first-time candidates.

The United States has declared that one million Indians will receive visas this year, almost a month after opening up visa slots for them on the weekends.

A spokesperson for the US Embassy in New Delhi told The Indian Express that the US Mission had already processed more than two lakh applications at its embassies and consulates in India. "We're on track to hit our goal of processing more than one million non-immigrant visa applications in 2023," the spokesperson added.

The official continued, "We aim to handle one million visa applications, which includes non-immigrant visas of all sorts."

According to the Embassy, the US Department of State handled about nine million non-immigrant visa applications globally in 2022. The non-immigrant visa categories cover crew, student, business, and travel visas.

The Embassy is increasing employees, broadening the range of drop-box facilities, and offering up interview slots over the weekend to meet the goal while facilitating the process for Indian nationals. Visa processing times have been significantly shortened.

In what it dubbed a "multi-pronged attempt" to resolve the backlog in the processing of visa applications owing to the Covid-19 outbreak, the US embassy set up unique interview slots on Saturdays in January. This sped up the processing of visas for first-time applicants.

The US mission, which also maintains offices in Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, and Hyderabad in addition to the national capital, announced in a statement that it has boosted the size of its consular employees.

"The one million visa proposal is an India-specific endeavor, to further improve the people-to-people connections between the two nations," claims the embassy spokeswoman.

To renew a US visa without having to go through an interview, a drop-box facility is now available for several categories, including student visas, business and tourist visas, and visas for skilled workers.

Also, the government is boosting the number of permanent consular officials stationed at embassies and consulates.

The American mission in India will be fully operational by the summer, and the agency anticipates processing visas at pre-Covid levels.

India is now the top priority, according to Julie Stufft, deputy assistant secretary for visa services at the Bureau of Consular Affairs, who was speaking to the media in Washington a few weeks ago.

"We have awarded 36% more visas so far this year than we did before the COVID-19 outbreak in India," she continued. And that represents a significant amount of development.

Indian citizens traveling overseas can schedule a visa appointment with the US Embassy or consulate at their destination, according to information released by the US Embassy in India last month. It gave Thailand as an example, noting the nation's decision to allow appointments for B1 and B2 visas (for business and travel) for Indians.


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3 Mohali consulting firms' licences have been revoked.
10 Feb 2023
3 Mohali consulting firms' licences have been revoked.

Three visa and consulting firms' licences have been revoked by the district administration for violating Section 6(1)(g) of the Punjab Travel Professional Regulation Act of 2012.

"In & Out Travels," which is situated close to Savitri Heights-2, VIP Road, Zirakpur, has been given a licence to run a travel agency, according to Additional District Magistrate of Mohali district Amaninder Kaur Brar. It was valid until March 21st, 2021. Despite receiving a warning that the licence was about to expire, the licensee did not take any action to continue the same. In such circumstances, the agency's licence was immediately terminated.

In Mohali, Phase 11, Sukhanand Visa Consultant also received a consulting licence. It was valid through October 15, 2022. On June 26, 2022, information regarding clients, the sum collected, and the services offered in accordance with the Act and Rules were requested from the agency. Information on its lectures and marketing was also required at the same time. The company's licence has also been revoked due to the lack of work it has completed.

The Flyway Overseas Private Limited, Mohali, Phase 3B2 consulting licence was valid until August 17, 2022. The business had been idle for the previous year, and its licence had also run out. This company's licence was also revoked in this circumstance.

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 Indians now  can apply without a sponsor or a job offer in UK
8 Feb 2023
Indians now can apply without a sponsor or a job offer in UK

The new immigration program in the United Kingdom will soon be available to qualifying Indians. The most excellent aspect is that you can apply without a sponsor or a job offer.

Indian nationals with degrees in the age range of 18 to 30 are eligible to live and work in the UK for up to two years under the Young Professionals Scheme.

The Young Professionals Scheme between the UK and India will provide 3,000 spots each year.

In a tweet, the British High Commission in India stated that qualified candidates must express their interest in the Young Professionals Scheme by participating in a ballot between February 28 and March 2.

The ballot will choose participants at random, and if you are selected, you will be invited to submit your visa application. Due to the reciprocal nature of the scheme, UK professionals in a similar situation would also be able to take part by relocating to and working in India.

In order to qualify, the candidate needs:-

  1. Have received an invitation to apply in accordance with the arrangements for invitations to apply.
  2. Possess submitted their application during the timeframe given on the call to apply.
  3. Give the special invitation to apply for the application number.
  4. A police clearance certificate that was granted no more than six months prior to the application date or a local police certificate.
  5. Possess a qualification at or higher than RQF level 6 (Bachelor's degree or above).
  6. Candidates must present a copy of their diploma as documentation of their schooling.
  7. Written proof that the candidate has finished their studies and graduated with the relevant qualification must come from the institution or university.

It is a component of the wider Youth Mobility Scheme, which uses a two-tier approach and accepts applications directly from applicants from Australia (30,000 spots), Canada (6,000), Monaco (1,000), New Zealand (13,000), San Marino (1,000), and Iceland (1,000).

India is the only visa-required nation with this program, save Japan. According to UK Home Office figures, India surpassed China as the top source country for student visas issued by the UK in the year ending June 2022. According to the MEA statement, with the approval of the Roadmap 2030 for Future Relations, India and the UK have a Comprehensive Strategic Partnership.


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An Alarming Number of International Students are Suffering Overdose Deaths. However, the BC government is not monitoring the issue : Surry BC
19 Jan 2023
An Alarming Number of International Students are Suffering Overdose Deaths. However, the BC government is not monitoring the issue : Surry BC

According to the government of BC, no information is gathered about how the overdose issue is affecting racial or ethnically specific areas.

Local faith leaders and community workers say Punjabi international students in Surrey are dying at high rates from drug overdose, but data regarding these overdoses are not being released publicly by the government.

Giani Narinder Singh of Gurdwara Dukh Nivaran in Surrey, BC says that the Gurdwara has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars helping return the bodies of students back home to India to their families.

Families frequently provide the Gurdwara power of attorney because they are unable to pay for the funeral or to have the body returned. The coroner's report, which includes the reason for death, is subsequently given to the Gurdwara.

According to 80% of the information that we received, Singh told Press reporters, "80% of the deaths are due to drugs."

Due to stigma, Singh claims that relatives of the deceased frequently claim that they passed away from a heart attack or while sleeping when, in reality, they overdosed on drugs.

There could be various causes for this; you can't just look at it from one perspective, Singh said. "Some have never experienced it and do it for the first time, some could have been doing it in India as well before they do it here."

Many people, according to Singh, are unaware of the dangerous drug supply and the possibility that their medications contain fentanyl and other chemicals.

They may be using drugs for the first time and overdosing on them because they are unsure of how much is in them.

According to Neeraj Walia, Secretary and Operational Head of the Guru Nanak Food Bank, the government is withholding this information since it would discourage other students from coming to Canada.

"The funeral establishments can display the figures. I can say that Surrey reports one or two deaths of overseas students every single week. We have another funeral for a young man who overdosed on Monday, according to Walia, who spoke to Press reporters.

According to Walia, "the government needs to admit this, demonstrate with numbers that this is the cause, and come up with answers."

Without assistance or acknowledgment from the government, according to Walia, the Gurdwara Dukh Nivaran and the food bank are raising money to pay for the burial ceremonies and return of the students' remains at their own expense.

Currently, international students are Canada's top source of income, according to Walia. The BC Coroners Service, however, needs to keep track of data on drug overdoses broken down by race.

According to Ryan Panton, a spokeswoman for the BC Coroners Service, "We do not collect data pertaining to the ethnicity of decedents as there is currently no provincial standard for such information."

However, the First Nations Health Authority publishes a "community situation report" every month detailing the incidence of hazardous drug poisoning incidents and related fatalities among First Nations people in British Columbia. Other BC communities do not receive the same reports.

It's critical to recognize that not everyone is equally impacted by drug toxicity and toxin crises. Age, gender, financial level, and of course, ethnicity, all exhibit significant diversity, according to Lindsey Richardson, an associate professor in the department of sociology at UBC.

"I believe that disaggregated data is useful, and this is generally acknowledged."

Richardson pointed out that there are several obstacles to gathering data based on race, as well as difficulties in assuring its accuracy and preventing stigmatization of groups as a result.

The question then becomes: Do we need that information to create comprehensive and culturally relevant answers to the overdose crisis? Can't those responses be made with less accurate information or without any data? Because we are aware that this is having an impact on communities across the province," Richardson added.

She says that even in the absence of evidence, the government's response should take into account various demographics.


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Canada Immigration Levels Plan 2023-2025
19 Jan 2023
Canada Immigration Levels Plan 2023-2025

Canada is currently aiming to accept approximately 460,000 new immigrants per year under its Immigration Levels Plan, which is the biggest number in its history.

The objectives of Canadian immigration are to support the economy, reunite families, and aid refugees. Everything you need to know about Canada's Immigration Levels Plan is included in this detailed Canada official website.

IRCC is on target to welcome over 430,000 immigrants to Canada in 2022. This goal will increase to 465,000 new permanent residents in 2023. (PRs). Canada plans to accept 485,000 more immigrants in 2024 and another 500,000 in 2025. The following table lists Canada's immigration goals between 2023 and 2025, broken down by immigration category.

Why Immigrants Are Needed in Canada

Canada encourages substantial immigration to maintain a robust economy. Canada's population is among the oldest in the world, and its birth rate is among the lowest. Financial and economic pressures result from this. Canada has a low natural population growth rate, which has a negative impact on the expansion of the labour force and the economy. It is challenging for Canada to raise the taxes necessary to fund social expenditure on services like education, health care, and other crucial areas that ensure the country's high living standards. Low economic growth makes this difficult.

As a result, Canada has increased immigration levels since the late 1980s in order to accelerate population growth, labour force expansion, and economic expansion. Canada's population, labour force, and a growing portion of its economic growth are now mostly driven by immigration.

By the year 2030, 9 million baby boomers in Canada will be eligible for retirement at the age of 65. As a result, Canada will experience a decline in employment at a time when its social spending on healthcare will increase. Canada has taken the initiative to address this issue by steadily increasing its immigration goals for more than 30 years.

Since 1988, Canada has consistently accepted more than 200,000 immigrants annually, as indicated in the graph below. It has made the decision in recent years to raise its levels to more than 400,000 annually. The current immigration rate in Canada is roughly 1.1%. In other words, on a per-capita basis, Canada accepts three times more immigrants than the United States of America.

It is likely that Canada will continue to progressively boost its immigration numbers over the next few years based on its demographic realities and immigration trends. Immigration will continue to be essential to the nation's economic and financial stability.

Furthermore, there is a compelling case to be made that the coronavirus pandemic has increased the relevance of immigration. In the short term, COVID-19 has hurt Canada's economy and raised government spending on social services. Additionally, in 2019 Canada's birth rate was 1.47 children per woman, a record low. Given the low birth rate in Canada before the pandemic and the possibility that the epidemic may further lower the birth rate due to economic uncertainty, the country will rely even more on immigration in the years to come to support population growth. If Canada's birth rate stays low, immigration will account for an even greater portion of future labour force growth.



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Revisions to Canada's 20-hour workweek rule: It's time for students to put their financial problems behind them
19 Jan 2023
Revisions to Canada's 20-hour workweek rule: It's time for students to put their financial problems behind them

When you think you have overcome all financial obstacles by travelling abroad to pursue your ambition of studying abroad, you are suddenly made aware of all the difficulties that come with being labelled as an "immigrant." You are ready to pay for food, electricity bills, tuition, or other expenses in a foreign country before setting out on your journey. However, when inflation and COVID-19 strike you simultaneously, the much-desired "Canadian dream" seems to be crumbling.

There is no doubt that Canada is a top destination for talent from around the world, but it continues to experience a labour shortage in almost all of its industries. Employers actively employ a variety of strategies to entice and keep talented and skilled people. And because of this pressing necessity, immigration is the only surefire means to support Canada's economic expansion.

As a result, the temporary relaxation of the 20-hour per week cap on the number of hours a post-secondary student is authorised to work off campus was announced by Sean Fraser, Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship, on October 7, 2022. Additionally, they have chosen to accept 1% of Canada's population as immigrants. In turn, this will aid the nation in overcoming its demographic, labour, and economic issues.

How will the pupils benefit from these policy changes?

More than 6,00,000 international students study in Canada, 2,40,000 of whom are from India, according to the latest statistics. This indicates that the students would be able to ensure their financial futures despite the Indian rupee's ongoing fall against the Canadian dollar. They are now able to take on more part-time employment and use their earnings to pay their bills. They will also be independent of the minimal finances provided by their Indian parents. You must agree that this is fantastic news for all students

If this work restriction is lifted, students will be able to choose the job that will provide them with the most job opportunities and the necessary work experience for their future. They won't be at the mercy of any employer anymore, and they can choose the one who best utilises their skills and abilities.

In order to enhance the overall client experience and welcome more qualified, talented, and ambitious students from different parts of the world, the government has recently announced a pilot project to automate and hasten the processing of study permit extension applications.

Remember that you must fulfil the following requirements in order to work on- or off-campus:

You must be enrolled in a course leading to a degree, diploma, or certificate at a recognised educational institution. Only after the start of your study, not before, are you permitted to work part-time jobs. A Social Insurance Number is required (SIN). You can only obtain employment, compensation, and access to a wide range of government services and benefits through this number.

How can Canadian student increase their funds and get employment?

Find a job on campus - The most dependable strategy to find employment is to look for on-campus employment. You can put in as many hours as you'd like, and doing so will help you gain the practical experience you'll need for future full-time employment. If you are a student of information technology, you can speak with the technical department to learn more about the duties and salary. Any creative position would be ideal if you work in the media, and if you are studying business studies, you may choose a position as a research, sales, or marketing assistant.

Take many part-time jobs off campus. International students have a wide range of off-campus employment possibilities at their disposal now that there is no restriction on the number of hours one can work in a week. Here is a list of some of the jobs that are most in demand, along with the average hourly wage they often command.

The possibilities are literally endless! The minimal part-time wage for an international student is 10 CAD, regardless of the position they hold. So be sure to bargain.

Join full-time positions over the winter and summer breaks - As you can easily take on full-time jobs or sign up for overtime during your vacations or holidays, don't forget to double your savings at this period. To apply for these positions, however, you must be a full-time student both before and during the break.

You must first create a thorough CV that highlights your educational background, abilities, accomplishments, and experiences in order to successfully apply for student jobs in Canada. To find part-time or full-time student employment in Canada, you can also rely on internet job portals, regional newspapers, career centres, bulletin boards, and word-of-mouth.

The Next Step
It can be intimidating to study and support oneself financially as a student abroad. While students have always been responsible for covering these costs, concerns about money started to surface after the epidemic and inflation emerged. So, certainly, you are correct to wonder why you decided to relocate so far abroad. But you shouldn't let these restrictions stop you. In recent times, the Canadian government has taken a number of steps to ensure that you do not bear the burden of such issues.

Canada is prepared to address the labour shortage and give every student a warm, supportive atmosphere by lifting the restriction on working for 20 hours a day, reducing immigration regulations, and creating a package of advantages for international students. Therefore, if you have considered studying abroad, now is the ideal time to make your ambition a reality.


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Jalandhar DC suspends licenses of 239 immigration consultants and 129 IELTS centres for non-compliance
19 Jan 2023
Jalandhar DC suspends licenses of 239 immigration consultants and 129 IELTS centres for non-compliance

Jalandhar, January 6, Taking strict action against immigration consultants and IELTS centers violating the rules under the Punjab Travel Professionals Regulation Act 2014, Deputy Commissioner Jaspreet Singh today canceled the business licenses of 239 immigration consultants and 129 IELTS centers for not following the rules.

Giving more information in this regard, Deputy Commissioner Jaspreet Singh said that show cause notices were issued to a total of 1320 immigration consultants/ticketing agents/IELTS centers who violated the rules under this act, out of which 495 failed to give a written reply, which Due to which their business licenses have been suspended. with immediate effect.

The DC asked all the licensed counselors/IELTS centers to ensure strict compliance with the rules laid down under the Act.



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Mohali youth 'kidnapped' in Bali, released after paying a ransom of Rs. 24 L
19 Jan 2023
Mohali youth 'kidnapped' in Bali, released after paying a ransom of Rs. 24 L

A complaint of kidnapping for ransom and extortion has been filed by the police against unidentified individuals after they demanded Rs 30 lakh in exchange for the release of Ashutosh Rana, 22, of nearby Behlolpur.

The victim's family sent their youngster after another relative entered the country unlawfully a week earlier by way of Mexico and Indonesia. On September 29, the victim arrived in Bali, and soon after, his relatives began receiving calls demanding money.

The victim had informed the family on the phone that he and three other Punjabis (one from Chamkaur Sahib, another from Sanaur, Patiala, and the third one, a relative of the victim, from Mohali) had been kidnapped and locked in a room. The suspects, allegedly from Punjab origin, beat the youths and ripped off their nails from their fingers, his family claimed.

On the phone, the victim told his family that he and three other Punjabis—a Chamkaur Sahib resident, a Sanaur, Patiala resident, and the victim's relative from Mohali—had been taken hostage and imprisoned in a room. According to his relatives, the suspects, who are apparently of Punjabi descent, beat the young people and tore the nails off of their fingers.

The family opened a private bank account in Ludhiana and deposited Rs 24 lakh there. According to reports, the money was taken out in Jalandhar.

He believes they lure kids with promises of a better life abroad by living in Indonesia and abducting and demanding money from them. They promise them that payment would be made after the student is in the US and refuse to accept advance payment. 

According to Rana's relatives, they sent even the airline ticket so that they could not be located here.

"It has now been discovered that seven additional people were deceived in the same way. According to Manjeet Rana, sarpanch of Behlolpur and an uncle of one of the fatalities, their family members had spoken with senior police officers in Mohali.

According to the police, the involvement of a resident of Kharar, travel brokers in Jalandhar, and several Amritsar airport staff members are being investigated.

According to the authorities, three minors were released after making the payment and were traveling back home via plane.


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