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These Steps Can Save Your Canadian Student Visa From Rejection: Spearhead International

Published by Admin 29 Nov 2022
These Steps Can Save Your Canadian Student Visa From Rejection: Spearhead International

The number of rejections in Canadian Student Visa applications is rising day by day due to various reasons including :-

  1. Pendency of applications
  2. Inappropriate documentation
  3. Wrong selection
  4. Weak/copied SOP 
  5. Weak work profile ( for those with a Study Gap) 
  6. Low IELTS/PTE score
  7. Low ranking of the selected University/College
  8. Poor academic history 

In this complex expression, we are covering some factors that can reduce an applicant's refusal or rejection chances. Paying attention to these points can alert an individual to be sure of the parameters which are required for a hassle-free Canadian Student Visa application process.

1. Checklist of Mandatory Documents:

Before applying for a Canadian Study Visa, an applicant must be aware of the necessary documents required to upload along the application form. So the first thing he must do is to compile a checklist of all mandatory documents necessary to have a study visa. For this, he/she can consult an expert or counselor or if he/she feels competent then he may have access to the official website of the Canadian Government.  

2. Visa Form Filling:

An applicant who intends to get a Canadian study visa must be very careful and concerned while filling out the visa form. He must be cautious about mistakes and aware of leaving no column blank in the form. Once the details are shared with the embassy, they can not be changed when applying for the second time. This information is especially important for those hiring unprofessional consultants for the “ offer/scheme” that is available. 

3. Uploading College Offer-Letter Carefully:

Another important document needs to be uploaded with utmost awareness, which is the copy of an Offer-Letter. It is the letter that an applicant receives from a recognized college or university for further procedures of getting the student visa. 

4. Financial Proofs and Bank Statements:

Financial and banking procedures always require careful attention in every segment of work procedure in life. Same here while applying for a Student visa one must be conscious about the necessary proof of finances, especially the Guaranteed Certificate exhibiting monetary transfer into Canadian dollars. One must consult an expert or completely understand the financial procedures required at this step.

5. Work-Experience Documents:

While applying for Canadian Study an applicant has to submit his experience certificates of previous jobs or extra curriculum activities which could produce relevance to the visa application content.  

6. Travel History and Details of Visa Rejection: 

Some applicants apply after refusals or rejections in their previous attempts, so keeping the concerns in mind, one should mention the right details about the refusals and all the travel history for hassle-free further conduct for approval. 

7. Statement of Purpose (SOP): 

It is the crucial part of the visa application or we can elaborate this in a way that this is the only document that can sail the ship alone or can sink it on its own. 

It is an important self-description write-up that covers academic, and experiential, achievements in life, mainly concerning the relevance between prior and futuristic academic goals followed by an explanation of the actual intent to study-visa. 

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